Wind farm

The construction of a wind farm is quite an operation. For example, roads must be built and a site must be paved for the erection of a construction crane. Terrastab makes it possible to even apply the sustainability of wind farms in the paving.



Our technology

Terrastab does not see the soil materials as a load that needs to be removed, but as a potential building material that prevents many new building materials from having to be supplied. This process is also very suitable for settlement-sensitive areas with soil types such as clay, loam and peat.
By milling the existing soil types separately, and enriching them with binders and an additive, a very strong foundation with a high bending and tensile strength is created after compacting and profiling. Only 10% new building materials are supplied. Ideal for use as an access road and parking space! The pavement can remain intact after the construction period, but it is also very easy to break up. If it is up to Terrastab, the sustainable objective of a wind turbine does not stop with the benefits that the wind offers us. Sustainability can also have a function in construction.


  • Strong foundation with application of the existing soil materials
  • Higher strength values ​​than a standard traditional rubble foundation
  • Minimum number of transport movements resulting in a CO2 saving
  • Easy to break up and give back to nature
  • Substantial reduction on any coatings due to the strength of the foundation.