Truckparking/containerterminal UK

Terrastab’s terrain foundation is the right foundation for the container depot in Northampton (UK). There is a lot of driving on this terrain with reach trucks and trucks. Maritime Transport The high loads cause a high load on the surface. A good application for Terrastab to make this soil load-bearing.

The terrain foundation has been realized with an addition of binders and additives. In this project, the binders ensure that 100% of the existing soil materials can be reused. The additives are responsible for a high structural strength. Due to higher bending and tensile strengths and a higher compressive strength, these additives ensure a longer service life. Due to the rigidity of the foundation, it is also possible to save on the final paving. In this way a standard underlay is transformed into a high-quality foundation by an innovative addition.

Client: Maritime Transport Ltd.