European Metal Recycling is a globally operating metal recycling company with more than 150 locations. With nearly 3500 employees and a sale of recycled basic materials of around 10 million tonnes per year, EMR is on its way to becoming the largest player in metal recycling.


In the Rotterdam Botlek area, this area is used by EMR for the storage and transhipment of ferros and non-ferros, among others. These activities cause high taxes and a lot of heavy traffic. The terrain must be constructed in such a way that it can handle the taxes. Site paving also faces a lot due to loading and unloading containers, scraping the shovels and storing the material. Due to the varying loads, the terrain foundation has many different loads to put away.


Terrastab came up with a rigid plate foundation as a solution. A terrain foundation such as this situation requires a broad contribution, with a high compressive strength. We achieve this with 100% reuse of the existing paving. Terrastab’s technology lends itself to the reuse of paving, to which we add our binders and additives.

The additions are decided by means of a preliminary investigation. We investigate with material for the presence of various acids, constituents and possible contaminants. The composition of the solids is also an important part. Thanks to our many options for additions, we can offer good stabilization in 90% of the situations. A terrain foundation such as this is well applicable and, together with stabilization, provides a very strong foundation.

Asphalt was chosen as the final paving. The asphalt only functions as a protective layer for the foundation, and is not calculated constructively. For this use and the future this is a solid solution.

Client: European Metal Recycling BV