Beautiful sandy roads change over the years into maintenance-intensive and dusty paths. In the event of a drought, however, these roads and paths cause a lot of dust nuisance and insecurity, while in rainy seasons they turn into mud puddles. Terrastab’s technical innovation proves the opposite. With this Terrastab creates a natural hardening by reusing all materials present in the project when realizing a new hardening. During construction, there is only minimal transport of material, which greatly reduces CO uitstoot emissions and nuisance for the environment. This also saves on investment and implementation time.




Construction with stabilisation

In many cases, completely asphalting or paving greatly detracts from the natural appearance of the paving or the costs are unnecessarily much higher. Terrastab has an innovative solution that prevents these problems, while maintaining the natural appearance! With a temporary construction, it is even possible to fine-mill the pavement and give it back to nature. Intensively used paths or roads can be provided with a specially developed wear layer with a finishing color of your choice, or an asphalt top layer.

Potential technology

We use our product for the realization of roads and paths, construction roads, parcel paths, cycle paths, sandy roads, walking paths and recreational areas.