Road sides

Provincial and municipal roads are being exposed to a lot of roadside damage due to the ever-widening and heavier vehicle tax. These damages cause accidents, unsafe situations for two-wheelers and a lot of costs for managers. Due to the poor condition of the roadside, the asphalt paving on the side of the asphalt pavement becomes more.

Our solution

With Terrastab’s roadside paving, this problem is a thing of the past. With 100% reuse of the existing materials, with a closed soil balance (if possible) a bonded structure is laid in a roadside strip. Traffic can safely use a widened road on this high-quality stabilization. The stabilization can also be used as a foundation for asphalt or grass concrete stones can be placed on it. The stabilization gives the current material on the roadside a foundation function and an improved containment function for the asphalt construction.