Road Oros Athos Hellenic Republic GR

Our sand cement stabilization is applied throughout Europe. After UK, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Turkey, Terrastab was also allowed to perform a work on the Oros Athos peninsula in Greece. On this island there are 20 monasteries of the Greek, Russian, Bulgarian and Serbian Orthodox church and are mainly inhabited by monks. For up to 50 years, the monasteries were only accessible by ship and along narrow walking paths. As more and more motorized vehicles have been tolerated in recent years, the demand for wider and better pavements has increased. We have carried out our sand cement stabilization with 100% reuse of the existing sand path that was constructed years ago, to open up the Vatopedi monastery.


The dirt road required more maintenance due to the increasing use of cars, cars and trucks to the monastery. When it rained, the path turned into a mud track, and when there was a drought, the use caused large dust clouds. Located against a mountain, we have carried out this sand cement stabilization with the addition of an additive. Over the years, Terrastab has always optimized soil stabilization by adding special additives, so that we can make a good stabilization of every soil type and composition. The addition of these additives ensures a much higher flexural and tensile strength, an increased E-modules and a longer service life with sand cement stabilization. This makes it especially suitable for sand and immobilisation of materials, but also for clay, peat and loam. Half pavements or unpaved roads are also a good material for sand cement stabilization with our additive.


For the implementation of a sand cement stabilization or other soil stabilization, we do a preliminary investigation to decompose the composition. Based on this composition, our binders and additives are put together, creating a tailor-made product for every project. Due to the diversity of the soil, and the many ways of hardening in the past on some roads, we always have a suitable solution. We also realize sites, access roads and other applications with a sand cement stabilization.