Industrial Sites

Terrastab realizes paving on stable and unstable soils. For heavily taxed sites, for example in port areas and industrial areas, Terrastab offers a durable paving that can withstand high loads. In practice, a Terrastab paving is very well applicable in storage and transshipment locations, parking areas, port areas, quays and event areas.
Terrastab adds a special additive to the existing soil type (sand / clay / loam / peat etc.) and mills this, together with a binder, through the existing soil. With 100% reuse of the materials present, a solid foundation is created after compacting. This considerably reduces the number of transport movements and enormously limits CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the total costs are relatively low and the service life is (very) long.

Intensive used areas can be provided with an asphalt layer. Due to the high quality of the foundation, a thinner covering layer is usually sufficient, which results in a substantial saving!

On a temporary site the applied paving can be finely milled again and the location can be sown with grass or a natural crop!