Dike protection

The Terrastab stabilization technique can be used as soil improvement, as a semi-bonded foundation or as a constructive foundation. These 3 options can be used to reinforce dikes and other waterworks.



Sustainable technology

With 100% reuse of the existing materials on site, we can meet the safety requirements by means of soil stabilization. Our knowledge and experience in structural soil stabilization offers a solution with a high environmental friendliness, due to the exclusion of drainage and minimal supply of building materials.

Specialist in waterworks

Our machines are specially designed for construction against slopes, dikes and other work surfaces with slopes. From 2017 up to and including 2050, the government in the Netherlands has time to strengthen dikes, dams and dunes.

Terrastab makes it possible to realize a construction with the reuse of existing materials, execution with ebb and flow influences and to achieve the minimum environmental impact.