Terrastab Netherlands BV offers you expertise and assistance in the preparation of your soil stabilisation projects in many ways.  Not only we have our own laborite where we can do most of the soil tests necessary for soil stabilisation, but also, it includes the administration descriptions of working methods or providing descriptions for tender documents. With our own Lab facility and our experienced team of Geotechnical specialists we can assist you in every way you can think of and it doesn’t matter to us where in the world these projects are being executed. We are happy to help you forward !

We can help in training and educate local staff. Learn un-experienced operators to work with specialized equipment and machinery regarding Soil Stabilization technique. Depending on the customers demand and requirements we can set up a training program for maintenance, operating equipment and also the soil stabilisation technique in general (awareness).

We can provide engineering consultancy to calculate lifetime cycle reports of the designed road and platform constructions. We can deliver the geotechnical calculations of the constructive consequences in heavy loaded circumstances.  You name it, and we will provide!