About us

Terrastab is a Dutch based company with a strong network all over the world. We like to think and work in partnership because we believe that companies who working in their local area for many decades now more of that specific area than we do. The combination of a technology expert and local knowledge is the strongest combination one can think of.

Our expertise

Terrastab is a specialised company and started their soil stabilisation specialism in the beginning of this century in the south of the Netherlands. Years later in 2016, a cooperation started with RvB Group who came from Harderwijk  in the mid-north of the Netherlands. Together they created the new Terrastab which melted the best of both companies into one. Now we are one of the leading companies in the Dutch market of soil stabilisation. In our field of technology we are a so called full-liner:

  • Our own Geotechnical and experienced specialist;
  • Our own Geotechnical Laborite;
  • Our own geotechnical engineering to develop the most complex constructive stabilisation solutions;
  • A wide range of our own equipment which can handle almost any terrain one can think of.

Beside the general and commonly used soil stabilisation features Terrastab has developed some in-house specialties within the company . With these specialties Terrastab is unique. These specialties are:

  • Road sides (In Situ side curb technology) a unique self-developed In Situ Geocrete® curb technology using specialized equipment.

  • Specialized caterpillar driven equipment for In-situ work on steep slopes like dike’s and for example hilly landfills.