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As a specialist in soil stabilisation we often choose unique and smart solutions. Using Geo-technique or soil stabilisation for civil engineering constructions is a special world. Soil is different at almost all places in the world and the desire of using soil for building purposes is as old as mankind. The question is, how to achieve this, and how can we use the properties of the soil in such a way that we don’t have to replace this soil for expensive building aggregates which often have to come from very far and at great expenses. How can we reduce transport movements and at the same time reduce carbon dioxide emissions? We think that there is still a lot that we can win. Soil stabilisation has never been so full of opportunity’s than today, in our time. The time is now, so let’s us take on these challenges together!

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Industrial sites

Terrastab realizes pavements on stable and unstable soils. For heavily loaded areas, for example in port areas and industrial estates, Terrastab offers a sustainable pavement that can withstand high loads. In practice, a Terrastab surfacing can be used very well in storage and transfer locations, car parks, port sites, quays and event areas.

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Road sides

The construction of strips along roads with grass concrete stones is a costly and time-consuming problem. The excavation of the existing soil is in many cases an issue, in connection with the contaminations to a greater or lesser extent.

This problem is a thing of the past thanks to Terratab’s verge paving. With 100% reuse of the existing materials, a closed structure is laid with a closed ground balance (if possible) in a strip along the road.

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Wind farms

Terratab sees the soil materials not as a burden to be removed, but as a potential building material that prevents the delivery of many new building materials. This process can also be used in sediment-sensitive areas with soil types such as clay, loam and peat. By loosening the existing soil types, and enriching them with binders and an additive, a very strong foundation with a high bending and tensile strength is created after compaction and profiling.

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Because the railroad is well-founded and the Terrastab method has a very fast processing time, the construction of a new railway can take place quickly. With 100% re-use of the materials present, we ensure a CO₂ reduction by eliminating the need to drain old and supply new foundation materials or soil improvements.

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Dike protections

Our machines are specially designed for realization against embankments, dikes and other work surfaces with slopes. Terrastab makes it possible to realize a construction with reuse of the existing materials, execution with influences of ebb and flow and the minimum environmental impact.

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Sandy en old roads change over the years into maintenance-intensive and dusty paths. In the event of a drought, however, these roads and paths cause a lot of dust nuisance and insecurity, while in rainy seasons they turn into mud puddles. Terrastab’s technical innovation proves the opposite. In this way Terrastab creates a natural way by reusing all materials present in the project in the realization of a new roads.

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